About Itqan

About Itqan

Welcome to Itqan, a global virtual platform that teaches new Muslims and non-Arabic speakers how to read the Qur’an through direct individual and group sessions using audio and video. Our platform offers teaching in several languages, led by a group of qualified teachers who speak the language of the learners. In recent years, learning how to read the Quran online has become a convenient and effective alternative for many people. It allows access to qualified Quran teachers in countries where they may be scarce, and it is also an alternative for those who lack time for real-life classes. Our platform builds on the remarkable success of virtual programs and classrooms used in communication, education, and Quran teaching online. We recognize the difficulties that both young and old Muslims, Arabs and non-Arabs, face in reading the Holy Quran and recognizing its calligraphy. Our goal is to establish a global virtual platform that teaches the correct reading of the Holy Quran, including spelling, diacritical marks, and tajwid. To achieve this goal, we employ a simple, practical method that enables learners to deal with Quranic calligraphy on firm foundations and later enables them to read independently. We found no better way than to use the Al-Qaida Al-Nooraniah (the Noraniyyah Rule), which has been proven to be useful and effective in teaching correct reading rules. On the Itqan platform, our teachers teach this rule to speakers of their language and meet learners through virtual live classrooms and study halls. These virtual spaces have advanced interactive techniques such as live audio and video conversation, an electronic board, and teacher-student engagement. Learners can also share files with their teachers and peers. Join us today and start your journey towards mastering Quranic recitation on a virtual platform that is accessible, effective, and flexible.


Leading the way in providing exceptional online education in the fields of Quranic recitation and Arabic language learning

We teach Muslims worldwide how to read the Holy Quran and the Arabic language through modern technology, creating an engaging and comprehensive environment. Our aim is to establish strong, lasting partnerships to spread the Quran globally and serve its message


We employ modern technology to facilitate the teaching of the Holy Quran

We aim to fulfill the desire of new Muslims and non-Arabs worldwide to learn how to read the Holy Quran and provide them with the opportunity to connect with the Book of Allah, Exalted is He.

The Noraniyyah Rule book allows you to delve deeper into the art of Quranic calligraphy, while also familiarizing you with the essential rules of Tajwid. In fact, the book covers over 90% of the Tajwid rules, making it an invaluableinvaluable tool for anyone seeking to enhance their Quranic reading ability

Learning Arabic letters and mastering their proper pronunciation through our comprehensive teaching approach

Our program aims to serve the learning of the Holy Quran, by providing an easy and accessible approach to its reading, helping students to master its memorization, and effectively teach the rules of tajwid

What is Itqan?

We assess the student's Quran reading ability to determine the appropriate level and study plan.

The student is given a personalized study plan that is suitable for their level and abilities.

Before attending the educational session, the student is required to review the recorded lessons of Al-Qaida Al-Noorania.

We make it easy for you to learn and master the recitation of the Holy Quran, including its diacritical marks of tajwid. By the end of our course, you'll be able to recite the Quran with confidence, without stumbling or making mistakes. With the help of Allah, we hope that you'll continue to learn and even memorize the Holy Quran with us

Upon successful completion of the course, the platform will provide the student with an electronic certificate.

After mastering Al-Qaida Al-Noorania, the student progresses to reading Juz Amma while applying the rules of tajwid.

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